Thursday, January 19, 2017

A year on wheels

In 2016 I realised I was ready to leave Gothenburg. My first idea was to use my connections and work in Switzerland, make some serious cash. So I applied for a year off from Acorn and started to network. But to be honest I didn't put much effort into it. There is a reason for that.

Through my qi gong practise I have become aware of higher powers. Call it god, if you please, or the qi field, or universe, love or just energy (scientifically energy is the most likely term so let's settle for that). All information is in this energy. All you need to know and more. The trick is how to learn how to read it. My method, Zhineng Qigong, is just one out of thousands of practises but it has served me very well.

So I thought I was going to Switzerland but still had a feeling I was not. Now, the feeling is the truth. The only instrument capable of reading the energies mentioned above is your body. Your brain, your intellect, is just an obfuscation, so better just shut it all off. This is exactly what qi gong, meditation, yoga and so forth is all about - stop thinking. But there is another side. Your feelings are correct, but are they clear? You might have childhood traumas or just stress and this will make the very delicate energy signals unclear. This is also what all these practises mentioned, and thousands more, do - clear your body and mind in order for you to sense the energies clearly.

Of course, the more you practise the clearer you will see. For me the best time of every year is the summer course in Nossebro, Sweden, where we practise zhineng qigong for 18 days. And this summer it became clear to me I was going to e-bike south, using solar energy. So, the concept of A year on wheels was formed and I spent all energy (and almost all money) on geting the equipment and leaving Sweden until one day, the last day of September 2016, I was ready to leave.

As you can read on the A year on wheels blog it started beautifully, riding south along the Swedish west coast in the sunshine and life was great. Then it became hell. Then it ended.

I ended up in Berlin where I have a good friend who has a house, plenty of space but no time. I had no clue what to do, not much money and loads of time. A perfect match.