Thursday, October 23, 2008

Simple rules for food

There is so much being said about food it easily makes you very confused. Once in the food shop, what the hell should you choose??? In order to make this easier I have a few golden rules that makes my life much easier.

First of all, see if there's an organic food store close to you. Then you can just buy what you need in there, with no need to think at all, really. They often don't have all you need, but maybe you should rethink then. Do you really need that super big pack of potato crisps???

The basic rule is to use as organic and natural ingredients as you can afford. Avoid fast-food as well as ready-made dinners, sauces etc as these dishes are filled with extra ingredients to make the food taste more or just anything at all!

Other rules that will help you make your food both healthy and tasty:
- As unprocessed as possible. Just plain, pure grains, vegetables, fruit etc.
- As organic and fair trade as possible. If there is a fair trade product, have that, if not, look for an organic variant. If that is also missing start considering going to another store...
- As natural as possible. No light products. No funny colours.

That's it! But the implications are vast:
- Brown sugar instead of white sugar (white sugar is a nasty industrial, artificial product invented in the 19th century).
- Butter instead of margarine (this is another industrial product, invented during WWII as a butter replacement (war is over!)).
- No TV dinners. (Make a salad!)
- No snacks, funny-coloured sweets or soda (it's just silly expensive water with weird substances to make it taste like something).
- More fruit! More vegetables!
- Eat chocolate with as much cacao as you can handle, preferably 70% (pure chocolate is healthy!), but avoid the sugar bombs also called chocolate with as little as 10-20% cacao (these will make you fat). In fact cacao will decrease your hunger and could therefore even help you keeping your weight.
- Bake your own bread. (Why do you think the bread stays tasty so long? Is so evenly coloured and shaped? Yes, it's all fake.)

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