Monday, November 24, 2008

Time to give up?

I never give up. But if I ever would, now seems to be a very good time. When the "capitalistic" governments are reintroducing socialism just to save bad business. At the same time the true socialism, where you care about the people, is dying all over the world. The biggest problem of them all - the climate change - is coming faster than anticipated. Politicians do nothing but giving the people a bad consciousness. Companies do a little - if they see any money to be made. A major system change is needed ASAP but nothing, absolutely nothing, is done.

The capitalism of the USA has fostered a country of egoists. Just as if this wouldn't be bad enough, this same attitude is spread around the world. If 300 million Americans don't care is manageable, but if you add most of Europe to that and 1,3 billion Chinese, we face a serious fucking problem. The National Geographic's China issue says this is the case. The communists have made people think about themselves only, just as the government of the USA, only to stay in power. It is claimed that the Chinese care about their own business, their own family, but nothing beyond that - politics, environment... If this is the case I'd say we're screwed. The climate change has to be targeted now, strongly, but having people and their governments not caring in the amounts of billions is just too tough.

Reading the Economist I saw an article about green protests, how people are using the Internet in order to make others aware of how the environment is destroyed. This is great, really, but imagine all the damage done that is not cared about! Knowing from other fields, it's likely that just a fraction of the damage is noticed, and of those rare cases even fewer are actually stopped. So, the vast amount of protests just shows how very much is being destroyed, by companies, governments and people alike.

Now I read, in The Economist again, what I'd say is the certain proof of a nation in decline - suddenly education is no longer important! As India and China spits out millions of engineers and, I guess, a great deal of PhD:s, then innovation and education is no longer that important. Now it's the ability to cash in on inventions that is important, so MBA:s are better than PhD:s. And the global companies (from the USA) can find innovations and commercialize them. Sure, but a country that relies on the rest of the world for educated people, for innovations and also the production - how stable is such an economy? I'd say it's hanging on to a very, very thin rope. The bad thing is that Europe tends to sniff America's arse, so maybe these dangerous thoughts will get here as well.

Now, this is bad. But if we use our imagination a bit and look forward: What will the only remaining superpower do when it finds it complicated to feed its people? And is running out of money? Beg? Help the billions drowning and starving around the world? Help stabilize the utter chaos that the climate change will bring? Give land to the refugees? Stop using cheap energy? Of course not.

Fuck it, I say. I've given up being a vegetarian already. I never stopped flying. I never started those economy studies. Right now I think the smartest thing would be to save up some cash, buy a piece of land far enough from the rising see and watch our civilisation go under. Goodbye

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