Monday, December 1, 2008

Do the Swedes have balls at all?

I admit I thought Reagan was cool back in the days, but I defend myself by saying I was just a kid. Luckily I didn't stay a kid, but studied the world we live in, the history we have and learned from my mistakes.

That's why I've looked with a growing sense of disgust on how Swedes look up to the USA. It's true it used to be a country that you could look up to - The New Deal and The Marshall Plan to name two examples. Before the negative effects of an economy where people are left on their own was known, it looked like a marvellous place where anybody could succeed. But with the facts at hand we know it's not good having a government that doesn't give a shit about its citizens. That companies shall not be supported by the government. That a system that leads to great divides grows greed, which in the end leads to a society where any thing and any body can be bought.

Now that the "Freedom" of the USA has proven to be a very bad strategy, where the greedy businesses crumble, shocked that chasing for easy fast bucks wasn't a sustainable strategy (they even beg the Swedish government for money!), where people realize that living on borrowed money isn't a sustainable way of life, you might think that also Swedes have come to their senses. But no. What do I read in one of the biggest swedish newspapers, Svenska Dagbladet? One of these Hale-the-USA "liberal" idiots who wants swedish politicians to be bought as well. Makes me want to believe in God and Hell and eternal suffering...

But why is this??? Why do so many people still think the USA is so great? Because the USA have the biggest guns? Because they're not capable of realizing or admitting a mistake? Because they're conservative non-thinkers? Because they too got blinded by greed? Because they haven't got the balls to stand up against "the greatest nation on Earth"???

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