Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sweden - a country without history

I am born in Sweden, I have gone through the whole educational chain from pre-school to university and still I know hardly anything about swedish history. I just vaguely remember long series of kings and queens that never caught my interest.

Now I'm reading a review about Kärlek och krig - Revolutionen 1809 (Love and war - The revolution of 1809) - and am stunned by a story filled with war, love and intrigue. Imagine a movie made out of this material! Why have I never heard of it before? Why isn't there a movie about it?

I'd like to say that the history teaching in Sweden is very bad indeed. But why? Could it be that the Social Democrats who ran this country for the last century, more or less, want a people without history, a people that is easy to herd?

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