Friday, February 13, 2009

The Illusionist

First I thought I was just tired and gloomy. I was after all watching this movie all alone, on a Friday night, from a DVD on a 20 inch screen. It was well made after all, I liked Edward Norton as the illusionist, but Jessica Biel was just as bad as I had thought and I just didn't give a shit about the characters.

So I took a break to check out the reviews. All swedish reviews I swiftly found through Google were very positive (like and Moviezine) so for a while I thought I was actually just very grumpy. But as I couldn't see any reviews from any serious source (like GP or SvD) I started to wonder... and sure enough, the British reviews weren't licking any arse! Pocket lint said "As Paul Daniels would say, 'you'll like this but not a lot'". Big Picture Big Sound wasn't too happy either.

So I stopped watching it. I didn't even rip it. A life is too darn short to waste on the mediocre, after all.

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