Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Market as God

Got this wonderful link from a friend of mine. Written by Harvey Cox, a professor of divinity at Harvard University, it shows how the neo-liberal belief in the market is truly the religion of today. The Market is God. All the financial papers etc are the crazy old guys who used to go into the desert and find the mood of God.

This is the finale:
"There is, however, one contradiction between the religion of The Market and the traditional religions that seems to be insurmountable. All of the traditional religions teach that human beings are finite creatures and that there are limits to any earthly enterprise. A Japanese Zen master once said to his disciples as he was dying, "I have learned only one thing in life: how much is enough." He would find no niche in the chapel of The Market, for whom the First Commandment is "There is never enough." Like the proverbial shark that stops moving, The Market that stops expanding dies. That could happen. If it does, then Nietzsche will have been right after all. He will just have had the wrong God in mind."

Ah, lovely! You simply have to read it! :) It's all just bollocks and the financial schools creates its priests. I wonder when we shall end falling back to religion all the time. For a while it looked like we where smarter than that, but no. Sadly.

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