Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Soldiers can kill. Full stop.

When war lovers claim we are helping the Afghan people with our military forces it makes me wonder on what planet they grew up. They sure haven't done their time in the army at least! Because what do soldiers learn? How to kill. How to destroy. What has that got to do with building a society? Nothing. Using military for creating anything is like using hammers for massage. What the fuck were you thinking???

Here's a swedish article about this.

Yesterday I enjoyed a few Brooklyn Lagers and a movie at Hagabion, finally I got to see Armadillo, about the Danish war efforts in Afghanistan. I was surprised how beautiful it was with helicopters in the sunset and young men cleaning their guns adn all that. Quite different from their mission - to kill. Which they do quite well, even though little girls and cows, weren't meant to be killed, were they? It's a good film since it only shows what's going on, nothing else, but that speaks for itself - the stupidity in trying to bring peace with guns.

Then, what are eg the Swedes doing there? Well, here's a theory - it's all about licking NATO's arse.

By the way - did you know the troops in Afghanistan have very little to do with the UN. They are in practice troops of the USA, under their command. And their are no troops from Muslim countries, making it clear it's a religious war - Christian USA against the Muslim world. Fuck 'em. USA, I mean. Of course.

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