Monday, October 25, 2010

The truth about water usage?

There's been a lot of noice about the amount of water that is used when raising cattle, and I was quick to pick up on that too. However, my very sceptical engineering colleagues didn't quiet believe me. Ok, sure, most people tend to shut their ears when facts about how this planet is being destroyed comes up, but being an engineer I could do nothing but to shut up or check the facts. So I did, and it turns out this is more or less a myth. It takes more water to produce a kilo of beef than a kilo of tomatoes, but on the other hand, the amount of calories is greater.

So, I'd say that that argument doesn't hold, and in fact it should NEVER be used! Because it will only backfire and hurt the cause. Meet consumption has to be fought, you see. Not because it consumes a lot of water, but instead vast amounts of energy (oil). For every calory of beef, you need to feed the cattle ten times that amount! Not very clever at all...


For the guys who like facts:
"Only 3% of the Earth's total water is freshwater. Of that, only 1% is available for human consumption. Do the math and you've a grand total of 0.01% of the Earth's total water being usable."
This site and many more claim that the water usage is about 37.000 litres/kg of beef.

However, Stockholms Fria, has looked deeper into the facts and gotten to the conclusions above. However:
"Det är ett faktum att nötköttsproduktionen har förstört större arealer än någon annan verksamhet i Amerika. Och konsekvenserna av världens aptit på fisk har ödelagt våra oceaner." ("It is a fact that beef production has destroyed bigger areas than any other activity in America. And the consequences of the world's apetite for fish has destroyed our oceans.")

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