Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Income gaps kill society

By now this should be obvious to everybody, but with the Swedish elections coming up the only thing talked about is how we shall work more, more, more, and the current right-wing government seems to win. Meaning increased income gaps that will lead not only to civil unrest, but also a poorer country in the long run. Read more on Juan Cole's blog Informed Comment.

Fuck the greedy and let's vote!


I've now read the review of The spirit level by David Runciman mentioned in the article, and I must say his critic makes me believe the theory of equality even more. Sure enough, the super-rich tend to be able to perform slightly better at the very top (like Nobel prizes and baseball wins), but is the price the poor have to pay worth it? Definately not, I'd say.

He protests against how Wilkinson and Pickett believe the world should change - by slow gradual changes (a gradualist approach) - but my first reaction is how the reason behind the evolution of equal states has started with an outer threat. Turning it around it means getting together and work together creates a more equal state which makes us all more healthy. Where's the down-side of that? It is sad though, that so far, we have been forced to get together by an outer threat. Imagine if we would get together and break the neo-liberal oppression by unite around a positive goal - like saving the planet from disaster! Here's a great chance to start a silent revolution, so why isn't it used by e.g. the Swedish social democrats or the greens?

At the very end I think Runciman looses himself. Instead of saying it's unclear who benefits from equality, it's clear that most do benefit from it, so let's go that way! Also note how people that are afraid of an outer threat join together, but those who are just insecure not knowing what exactly to fear get more egoistic and thrive for more inequality. Again, join people against an outer threat (like the climate change) and loosen their fears by saying that if we unite we will make it!

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