Monday, March 15, 2010

Greediness 2.0

Our rulers have come up with a new excuse to keep the poor down in the dirt, the workers working their arses off and the rich simply getting richer: Instead of educating everybody, they are told how to behave. How clever!

I read it yesterday, in shock, in the Sunday paper (only in Swedish I'm afraid). It all seems to have started with a report from New Labour's think tank Demo - Building Character. They claim that the lower social mobility is due to soft child rearing!

Seriously, I hope this is a misunderstanding. After all the swedish term "uppfostra" (raise) is very much like the swedish term "utbilda" (educate). In fact gives "educate" as a valid translation of "uppfostra"...

But, even more seriously, I don't think there is anything behind those thoughts other than keeping the people down and kill off every piece of progress we have made in the past century, going back to a ruling class living off the poor. We're heading straight back to the Middle Ages and the funny thing is we vote for these guys! You get what you deserve, looser...

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