Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where's the objectivity in TV?

Swedish television, SVT, is financed by the citizens through a fee, and you would suppose that would give you a neutral media, not chasing for commercials. But I'm wondering now as the top news this morning was that Swedes are positive to nuclear power (52% against 45%, 3% don't know). So, the nuclear lobby has made it! I'm sure a lot of champagne will be enjoyed this sad day.

In this case, as always, no negative effects of nuclear power are mentioned at all. Why? Generally, you can hear more arguments against wind power than nuclear power! Why on earth is that? Lack of knowledge? The lobby will, of course, claim it's because there are no arguments against nuclear power. In this news cast, the only thing they showed aside the Sifo poll result, was to interview a guy who thought it was very slow to get permission to upgrade his water power plant. So what? He also said wind power has its flaws, and the guy defending the slowness looked like a looser. It all looked very much like a commercial by Vattenfall to promote their main energy sources - nuclear and water energy. Where's the objectivity???


Här i inledaren i Fria framkommer det att 25% tyckte kärnkraft är bäst medan 47% anser att grön energi är bäst. Hur fan får man vrida på sanningen egentligen???

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